HTH Internship/Endersession

HTH students have the unique opportunity to intern/extern in 11th and 12th grade in May/June. The internship is meant to introduce the student to a field of employment that interests them. The student is required to work approximately 30 hours per week at the workplace. The best internships do not use the student for free labor, but instead mentor the student so they can learn and gather information to decide if this is a field they might want to pursue.

Basic Logistics For 2023

  • Internship 11th grade - May 1st - May 26th

  • Endersession 12th grade May 8th-June 9th

  • We are looking for professional to provide some or all of the following for our interested students: for virtual internships, job shadows, facility tours and or mentor support.

  • Students will still have coursework during this time and as such the numbers of hours individual students are available will vary.

Pay - Interns are unpaid, as the program is academic in nature. Interns may be paid after internship hours, after school or over the summer at the mentor's discretion.