What is Endersession?

Endersession (May 6th - June 7th) is a five-week period where 12th grade High Tech High students curate their own curriculum with a variety of learning experiences to prepare themselves for their role in the world after graduating high school. 

What can I do during Endersession?

Endersession activities must be designed to fill 30-35 hours a week.  Check our catalog of ideas here. 

Activities can include:

Examples of Awesome Past Endersession Projects

Examples of NOT approved Enderession Projects:

Endersession Handbook 

(read only)

Signatures Required 

on page 8 - 13

For Students 

Step 1: Brainstorm ideas on this spreadsheet 

Step 2: Fill out Endersession Proposal plan (make a copy of the template) and meet with your advisor for approval. If you are planning to travel for Endersession, you need to fill out this Travel Commitment Form, have it signed and approved by February 6th. 

Step 3: All students should fill out the Student Endersession Commitment Form 

Step 4: Your mentor should fill out the mentor confirmation form

Step 5: If you are doing an internship, Complete Workplace Harassment Training Video, Select "Nonsupervisory"  submit completed certificate on Google Classroom

Step 6: Internship site visit on April 24th 2024 9am-12pm

For Mentors

Step 1: Fill out the mentor internship confirmation form 

Step 2: If you are a new mentor, you are required to attend one virtual live mentor training. Registration information will be sent to you after you complete Step #1 above. 

If you are a returning mentor, you are required to watch a recorded video training. We will send you the video after you complete Step #1.

Step 3: Sign pages 8-10 of the handbook. We will send this to you electronically

Step 4: Site visit preview day is April 24th 9am-12pm. Your student will visit your site to practice the commute, parking, tour the facility and meet you! 


Follow these guidelines

How do I plan an Endersession?