Why become a mentor?

Our interns can bring benefit to your organization through the projects they undertake.

Our academic interns in the past have benefited greatly from the mentorship they have received and the projects they have completed. When situated in an adult workplace environment, students have a chance to reflect on the role of work in their life and in society. Students who complete academic internships are more likely to attend and complete college. Over half of our students will be the first generation in their families to graduate from college.

What is expected of a mentor?

Taking on an Intern

The decision to take on a High Tech High intern is a great way to both educate the future workforce and get some help from intelligent and dedicated individuals. Overall, your job as a mentor is to provide an educational and professional environment. 

1) Please complete the 2024 Online Mentor Form  for 11th grade or 2024 Online Mentor Form for 12th grade and review the internship guidelines 

2) Review the HTH Internship/Endersession Handbook  

3) Watch the 10 minute mentor training video (NOTE: the video is from 2023 but the information still applies)

3) As part of our program, we are expected to conduct a 30 minute site visit before the internship begins in order to prepare for the immersion.  The purpose of the site visit is to:

Please let me know if you have questions or feel free to contact Sharon at